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    • Ryan Chrome

      Graphics Dev Apps OPEN !   01/31/2018

      Hi everyone,  Just wanted to let everyone know that our graphics team has opened up some spots. If you are interested in becoming a graphics dev for Project Infinity please feel free to apply at the following link.  https://projectinfinityrp.org/forums/index.php?/forum/186-developement-applications/ Your tasks as a graphics dev are extremely simple. You will use your time as a developer to create graphics for cars and other skins that you would like to see in game. When you are assigned a task to complete, you will be given a reasonable about of time to complete it. If you ever need help on a task, you can just ask a fellow graphics dev or even myself and we all are more then happy to assist. At the end of the day you are contributing to your community and the game you play,    "Creating something out of thin air is easy, its finding the air that's hard" Thanks  Graphics Senior Dev  Ryan Chrome      


Project InfinityRP

We strive to create a hardcore role-play server where individuals from around the world can come and take on a role of their own imagination and to have endless fun with their friends either as an law enforcement officer, the fantastic emergency medical services or being a regular business owner or into a world of violence and gang related activity's.


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